About us

Alarms, Guards, Patrol Services for Farm Protection and Cash in transit under one roof.

Kasselman Security Services was established in 1995 to provide security services
to the Community of Standerton, Sakhile, Lekwa and surrounding areas. We employ more than 150 employees and all our staff are trained according to the Sira Standards. As at January 2007 we are rendering security Services to almost 2000 clients.

Kasselman Security Services offer a unique line of security services that includes Alarm Response, Cash in Transit, Immediate Guard Services, and On-site Security Officer Supervision. This combined solution is ideal for small business that does not have any security measures or only have alarm systems in place. Far too many companies sacrifice security because of cost, until now. Vehicle Patrol Services by Kasselman Security Services are a comprehensive and cost-effective way that neighbouring businesses can share resources to create a secure environment.

Vehicle Patrol Officers are dedicated to protecting your business when conventional police canít. Our service is proactive. We do not wait for an incident to occur. Our patrol officers are vigilant and reliable, patrolling your neighbourhood in marked patrol vehicles and inspecting your property as often as you dictate.

A vehicle patrol service as offered by Kasselman Security Services is a perfect solution for small and medium sized commercial, industrial, retail, and residential properties that do not want an officer dedicated on an hourly basis. Our vehicle patrol officers will monitor your alarm system and quickly respond to its signals and conduct an inspection, our patrol officers discover unsecured doors or windows, and an investigation is conducted to determine if a crime has been committed. If criminal activity is discovered, law enforcement will be notified immediately and our office will contact you.

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